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Louisville Orchestra Collaborates with Kentucky College of Art and Design on ‘Art + Music”
21C Media Group, 2019

“An interdisciplinary, multi-sensory “Art + Music” collaboration with the Kentucky College of Art + Design (KyCAD), exploring the possibilities for cross-fertilization between music and the visual arts. Seven internationally acclaimed artists who have various affiliations with Louisville and KyCAD will create site-specific, time-based artworks that build upon, interpret, or reimagine a variety of orchestral works, some of which themselves were inspired by the visual arts or are evocative of extra-musical subjects: works by Handel, Schumann, Stravinsky, Ravel, Bartók, Ives and Mussorgsky, in a concert under the galvanizing leadership of Music Director Teddy Abrams. Pakistani-American artist Mariam Eqbal, who teaches at the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, will use Abrams’s motions as he conducts Handel as the basis for her work. This will involve moving image projections onto multiple surfaces, combined with hand-drawing, abstracting the timing and form of the music as expressed through the conductor’s gestures into formal visual elements” — 21C Media Group, 2019

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