in – between frames and choreography for the scanner

Choreography for the Scanner

2m 44s


“This film creates unlikely partnerships between moving frames and paper images to explore a range of important questions related to memory and perception of dance, how dance is created, and who or what is dancing. Eqbal, acts as a Muybridge for our times, exploring not only how movements may be generated through contemporary image technologies, but also, what occurs between the frames. Choreography for the Scanner is a work engaged with the multiple histories of film, dance, and visual practices . . . whilst creating a new aesthetic experience of dance film that requires no prior knowledge of the genre to appreciate it. Choreography for the Scanner is a daring movie and its innovative concept shines through. . . . [W]ith skillful direction, the filmmaker creates a dance that prescinds the body of a dancer in movement. She makes use of static images of a ballerina to create a dance based on the illusion of movement in-between frames…and makes a ‘glitch dance’ emerge that is only possible on the screen.” — Short Film Winners of LIFF29- in Hull | Leeds International Film Festival



“Choreography for the Scanner,” a film constructed using a still image and a flatbed scanner, creating a simple choreography through repetition, referencing early photographic and cinematic explorations of moving bodies. . . . [E]qbal’s choreography takes place ‘between your ears’: that the connection between her activity and the idea of ‘dance’ takes place in our minds, rather than before our eyes.” — Kyra Norman


In-Between Frames

1m 15s