4:00PM IN-BETWEEN FRAMES (2 min, USA) Directed by Mariam Eqbal In-Between Frames is a part of a series of works that are experimental and explore the fundamentals of animated motion through repetition. The work is an inquiry into the unlimited in-betweens of movement as it courses through time and space. I’m interested in repetition as the simple rule fundamental to the process through which complexity arises. BRUSH (2 min, USA) Directed by Mariam Eqbal Brush is a collection of one thousand brushstrokes of paint on glass. The animated work is about simplicity at the root of complexity. It is an inquiry into the processes of time and motion. The repeated gestures, through the lens of time, reveal a movement that resembles the forces of nature. SHADOWS (12 min, SINGAPORE) Directed by Isaac Kerlow Life as usual is interrupted when a band of intruders decide to destroy the centuries-old rain forest in a single day. Unaware that one of their own has betrayed them, the villagers are unable to protect the forest until an unexpected ally uses her powers to help. THE BELIEF (2 min, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN) Directed byAmir Vahedi The enemy attacked the country and war began. A pair of Soldier boots was being putting on by a man who are invisible. The boots get ready to go fight against the enemy, but when the boots saw the other fragment boots in the battlefield. They refused to go forward. The man puts off the boots and step forward to the front fighting with the enemy. it is full of symbols of my county`s situation, which we encounter with. After finishing the war some people(boots) who were not important and useless in the country became important and now are in the best position and rank of the Pyramid Power of government and in the showcase while they didn’t cost that much. ACOUSTIC SPACE (15 min, USA) Directed by Anthony Marinelli A short film about how technology has changed the way we communicate. RED ROVER  (15 min, USA) Directed by John Picklap Two teenagers from a remote religious community travel to town in search of shelter after being told by their Evangelical parents that an asteroid will soon destroy the earth. LUCY: A STORY OF EPILEPSY AND MARIJUANA (11 min, USA) Directed by John Picklap A three year old with a severe form of epilepsy struggles to live a normal while politicians debate the fate of an illicit drug that could affect her future–marijuana. HAVENDALE (36 min, USA) Directed by John Wattenbarger A socially awkward single father tries to regain peace after his deadbeat brother is released from prison and disrupts a town over bingo money. MORE ON RIFF The 2016 Richmond International Film Festival (RIFF) takes place March 3-6, 2016.  RIFF, now one of the largest international competitive film festivals in the Mid-Atlantic brings more than 125 cutting edge films to RVA, plus industry panels, Q&As, live musical performances, the FLOW creative conference, red carpet awards, and entertainment mixers that usher the spirit of Hollywood into Virginia’s Bowtie Movieland/Criterion and the historic Byrd Theater, a venue touted by USA Today as “one of the top 10 places to still see a movie in splendor in the United States.” It’s a one-of-a-kind festival honoring some of the most singularly entertaining projects on the international film scene. With more than 21 countries represented in last year’s festival submissions, the RIFF Official Selection consists of a diverse range of films (features and shorts), music videos, web series and screenplays of all genres — all while providing a fun atmosphere for patrons and talent from around the globe. The majority of the filmmakers and writers attend festival week as they compete for top award honors with the Audience and Grand Jury. An inclusive and spirited festival designed to honor independent film artists; RIFF provides a collaborative platform between local filmmakers and other filmmakers from around the world. Through its film productions, shot in Virginia each winter, the festival is an exciting collaborative platform for writers, filmmakers, and the arts community as it brings great talent together and helps launch careers. Through its GenerationMIX Community Outreach Day and its Youth Roundtable Series, RIFF proudly champions creativity and leadership in young people who have a passion for the arts. At RIFF, there is truly something for every artist and patron. Join us in RVA March 3-6th as we celebrate the arts and honor some of the industry’s finest. For more info, contact RIFF at:

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