1 ∴ .999… 

The inquiry is into the fundamental nature of reality — I am interested in variables and constants, as well as, the in-betweens.

Repetition plays an essential role in my practice; it functions as a basic constraint expressing the constant nature of time fundamental to transformation. It represents the simplicity that is at the root of complexity and is primary in the visualization of evolutionary processes and motion.  My practice pivots around the intersections of art, science, and philosophy, and it uses a pool of cross-disciplinary resources including drawing, the history of cinema and the moving image, design, sound, systems theory, Sufism, and time and space.

I believe in a combinatorial approach to art-making and research.  Experimentation is essential and so is touch.  While I work with digital technologies, I like to combine and recombine the old with the new, ideas with materials, tools, and methods.  I have a background in traditional media, including drawing and painting, and the organic, varying nature of the hand made approach is important in my practice as a stark contrast to the structured and measured digital output.  New media technologies play an essential role for an integrated practice in art making and provide a platform to connect the handmade with the automated, the flexible with the constrained, and the unknown with the determined.  Installation and performance is where a lot of the traditional and contemporary expressions, including drawing, animation, video and sound, get combined.