Recursion — .999…

.333… & Noise Variation(s)

sound, video, and sculpture installation
works in collaboration with John Dombrowski

Fine Arts Gallery
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond Virginia, 2012

Recursion: .333…

Nine curves, suspended — a form as an aggregate of repeated gestures.
(nine curved wood panels: 12 x 96 / 24 x 96 / 36 x 96 inches, digital video projection (single-channel)

Experiential time is considered as an aggregate of repeated gestures, as object, image, and sound. Movement and the passage of time is created using materials and processes, analogue in combination with digital.



Noise Variation(s)
John Dombrowski

Nine speakers suspended just above ear level, nine field recordings.
Noise Variation(s) (2012 – )Nine speakers suspended just above ear level, nine field recordings.
(AM radio static, air flowing through HVAC ventilation, motorway traffic, skin on skin, human breath, human circulatory system, rain on tin roof, trees in wind, coastal ocean waves).

Nine speakers are suspended in a grid pattern in space. A different field recording of noise plays on each monitor. Text on a card at the entrance reveals a list of each recording’s content. The audience is invited to move throughout the space to discover which recording plays on which monitor, encouraging organic movement and meeting of people around the space.

Photos of installation
Fine Arts Gallery
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2012


“Consider the beautiful repetition of tiles on a roof, waves in the ocean, cells in the body, the scales of a fish, the blades of grass, the bricks in a wall, the hair on a head… The repetition, by itself, already begins to create a satisfying harmony. Somehow the sense of order in a thing comes from the fact that elements are repeated over and over and over again.” — Alexander, Christopher. The Nature of Order: An Essay on the Art of Building and the Nature of the Universe.